The Pythian Club and boxing activities

Boxing coaching

Boxing is one of the activities that the Pythian young leaders engage in. The Pythian Club ensures that necessary coaching were provided to the young leaders. We appreciate the efforts of Jawaid Khaliq Boxing Academy and Coach Fidel in impacting the needed training and coaching to the young leaders. The Pythian Club has supported and […]

Sports equipment

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We need the old currencies, we need the damaged foreign currencies As our team increases in number, we desire more sports equipment in order to continue to provide the required training to old and upcoming young leaders. We are a non profit organisation and we appreciate support and sponsorships. If you have old, outdated, damaged […]

The Pythian Club – Positive streetwork

Street work

The Pythian young leaders engage in various activities to ensure positivity and wellbeing of the community. We engaged in a six week project of positive street work with zero issues of ASB. Community support is among the focus and mission of the Pythian Club. Unfortunately, insufficient funding hindered the completion of the project. However, it […]

The Pythian Club at Bilborough Town Community FC

Bilborugh Town Community FC

The Pythian FC’s first ever home match in the Notts Senior League Massive appreciation to the Pythian Sponsor BNS who presented some new kits for the team to the Director Ben Rosser. Impressive performance by the Pythian FC. We hope for better performance with show of good skills in subsequent matches. We strive for excellence […]

The Pythian FC U12

The Pythian FC U12

Pythian U12 ⚽️⚽️⚽️ Over the past few months, the Pythian Club has worked so hard to train, coach and encourage young leaders under the age of 12. It has become reality that the Pythian Club has come up with young team Football Club -U12. We believe in the principle of catch them young. With hard […]

Free tickets to attend Warrior Assault this Saturday


The Pythian Club is organising a programme called Warrior Assault this Saturday, 28th September 2019. As always, we do things to motivate and bring out the energy in young people. This programme is for young people who believe in themselves and are willing to take part in the challenge. It promises to be fun filled […]

The Pythian Club FC

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Well done to our amazing football team. Our young leaders have always made us proud. Massive appreciation to Alex Corley, Lewis Margeson, Dylan Smith, Matthew Lockley, Michael Lindsay. Michael Lindsay scored 4 goals, Matthew Lockley scored 2 goals, Dylan Smith scored 1 goal, Lewis Margeson scored 1 goal and Alex Corley scored 1 goal. It […]

Pythian Club Boxing


Boxing Competition We are proud of our young leaders. Courageous young Pythian Boxers, Dev and Cameron Brant showed some great skills and energy at the boxing competition at Neil Huntley. Dev, the Pythian young leader fought two times against tough opposition. Also, Cameron showed some great skills against his opponent. Well done guys for such […]

The Pythian Club at Wembley Stadium London – FA National Project

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The Pythian Club appreciates everyone who have supported us to attain the height that we are today. Massive thanks to Nottingham Football Association. We are honoured to be recognised at the local level. This shows that our effort on supporting the community is appreciated. The Pythian Club received the greatest accolade FA National Project of […]

Holme Pierrepont Country Park

TPC Family

One of the different ways that Pythian Club uses to make positive impact in the lives of young leaders is to engage them in extracurricular activities such as visits to parks and organisations that impact positivity. It is a memorable day at the Holme Pierrepont Country Park as the young leaders had the opportunity to […]