Bring in the Bikes!

Community Bike Initiative

Hey Pythian Community,

We’ve been super busy this week! So much so that it feels like a little while since we’ve sat down to provide an update!

With the help of a dedicated team of young leaders, Ben has been busy grabbing more equipment to supply our community. Amongst other equipment, we’ve managed to get hold of some bikes! In a time where people are more isolated than ever, this is massive in terms of keeping people active, as well as helping people to get about.

The Nottingham community, as ever, has been amazing. With their help, we’ve been to obtain 55 bikes, which Ben and the team have since supplied to many families and young people. Let’s keep this community moving!

Our work has not gone unnoticed and the BBC East Midlands have picked up on this initiative. 

Bike donation

We hope that we can keep this initiative going for as long as possible. So, if you are someone that has a bike you want to donate or you know someone that could really use a bit of help, contact us here, or via our social media.

If you’re interested in seeing the young people we have helped, there are some great stories in this video below.

Time Is Now

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