Pythian Young Leader

Young Leader Callum I Rocco, taking a interview with Notts TV talking about how knife crime effects people’s life and how caring a knife can instantly change your life for the worst immediately and everyone else around you. And how Pythian club can help with intervention from knife crime and give young people opportunities & […]

Pythian Club Boxing


Boxing Competition We are proud of our young leaders. Courageous young Pythian Boxers, Dev and Cameron Brant showed some great skills and energy at the boxing competition at Neil Huntley. Dev, the Pythian young leader fought two times against tough opposition. Also, Cameron showed some great skills against his opponent. Well done guys for such […]

The Pythian Club – CastleCavendish

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Massive appreciation to @CastleCavendish for supporting the Pythian Club in delivering exciting programs across our community. Special thanks to Van Henry for always giving advice, time and genuine respect. YOUTH LED CHANGE #community #PositiveVibesOnly #TPC      


NCS The Pythian Club and National Citizens Service Hey Pythian Community, Every year The Pythian Club like to team up with other youth organisations to spread the word and the message about Team Pythian. One organisation that we love to get involved with is the National Citizen Service (NCS). Ben and some of our amazing […]