Pythian Young Leader

Young Leader Callum I Rocco, taking a interview with Notts TV talking about how knife crime effects people’s life and how caring a knife can instantly change your life for the worst immediately and everyone else around you. And how Pythian club can help with intervention from knife crime and give young people opportunities & […]

The Pythian Club at the Metropolitan Housing Fun Day

Metropolitan Housing Fun Day

At the Metropolitan Housing Fun Day Special thanks to Tom Forster for inviting the Pythian Club to the Metropolitan Housing Fun Day. Also, massive thanks to our young leaders, Tranai Todd and Charlies Wright O’Reilly for their support in making the day great and fun filled through showcasing their talents and skills. As always, the […]

Free tickets to attend Warrior Assault this Saturday


The Pythian Club is organising a programme called Warrior Assault this Saturday, 28th September 2019. As always, we do things to motivate and bring out the energy in young people. This programme is for young people who believe in themselves and are willing to take part in the challenge. It promises to be fun filled […]

Pythian Club – CreativeHandsChildcare

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The Pythian Club appreciates the support of Sponsors – CreativeHandsChildcare ❤️. Much love for supporting the Pythian Club and appreciating what we do. The young leaders are inspired daily through such show of love and support.  

Pythian Club – National Citizen Service

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The Pythian Club has built a strong relationship with National Citizen Service in the past 3 years. We are proud to do some great programs together and impact peoples’ lives. We appreciate the time spent together and great memories filled with lots of smiles and laughter.  

The Pythian Club at the Nottingham College Fresher’s Week


The Pythian Club at the Nottingham College Fresher’s week to support the wellbeing of the community. Maximum appreciation to Will Thompson who demonstrated his skills at being the Ringmaster in the boxing event. It was indeed an awesome day with massive turnout to support our positive vibes. The Pythian club has done awesome projects with […]

The Pythian Club – Vernon Coaker MP

pythian vernon coaker

Our gratitude to Vernon Coaker MP- UK Parliament for the massive support. Spent some time with the Pythian Club to discuss about local issues and providing opportunities to young people to get involved in positive initiatives and programmes.      

The Pythian Club – CastleCavendish

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Massive appreciation to @CastleCavendish for supporting the Pythian Club in delivering exciting programs across our community. Special thanks to Van Henry for always giving advice, time and genuine respect. YOUTH LED CHANGE #community #PositiveVibesOnly #TPC