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The Pythian Club and the FA The Pythian Club were approached by Nottinghamshire FA to develop a strategy which will engage inactive young people into sports that will promote growth and community cohesion. This project with the FA aligns with Pythian Club’s ethos and aims perfectly, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle and building confident […]

Pythian Young Leader

Young Leader Callum I Rocco, taking a interview with Notts TV talking about how knife crime effects people’s life and how caring a knife can instantly change your life for the worst immediately and everyone else around you. And how Pythian club can help with intervention from knife crime and give young people opportunities & […]

The Pythian FC U12

The Pythian FC U12

Pythian U12 ⚽️⚽️⚽️ Over the past few months, the Pythian Club has worked so hard to train, coach and encourage young leaders under the age of 12. It has become reality that the Pythian Club has come up with young team Football Club -U12. We believe in the principle of catch them young. With hard […]

The Pythian Club FC

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Well done to our amazing football team. Our young leaders have always made us proud. Massive appreciation to Alex Corley, Lewis Margeson, Dylan Smith, Matthew Lockley, Michael Lindsay. Michael Lindsay scored 4 goals, Matthew Lockley scored 2 goals, Dylan Smith scored 1 goal, Lewis Margeson scored 1 goal and Alex Corley scored 1 goal. It […]

Pythians FC

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As the Pythian Club is growing, we are looking forward to putting together teams for 2020/2021 season. Also, we are looking for managers who will manage, build and bring out the potentials in our growing team. As always, the Pythian Club appreciates all our members and help one another to attain desired goals. No one […]

Pythian U12 FC

Pythian U12

The Pythian Club appreciates the coaching team, John Bakewell and Sarah Swanick for their hard work, dedication and support to the young Pythian team. The Pythian Club brought the U12 team to reality because we believe that early mentoring/coaching does a lot of good in a young leader’s life and career. The Pythian football team […]

Pythian Football Club

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Reserves v West Bridgeford AFC Reserves Time: 2:30pm Venue: Gresham Park Road (off Wilford Lane) West Bridgford NG2 7YF

The Pythian Club – CastleCavendish

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Massive appreciation to @CastleCavendish for supporting the Pythian Club in delivering exciting programs across our community. Special thanks to Van Henry for always giving advice, time and genuine respect. YOUTH LED CHANGE #community #PositiveVibesOnly #TPC      

Pythian FC

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Massive thanks to all the sponsors, fans, players and management for the hard work, dedication and enthusiasm. Now, the Pythian Club has junior and senior teams wearing the badge and it’s been a great start and a dream to reality. The Pythian Club is devoted to young people and their communities. Community Engagement through Sport, […]

The Pythian Club FC

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Massive thanks to all the sponsors, fans, players and management for the hard work, dedication and enthusiasm. TIME IS NOW!!!       The young leaders are good at what they do.   We mentor, we coach , we educate. The Pythian Club U12s squad