Pythians Very Own Easter Bunnies!

Young Girl handing out easter eggs

Easter 2020 became The PYTHIAN EGGSTRAVAGANZA!! After working closely with the community of Nottingham the past few weeks we were becoming more aware of just how many people and families were either isolating or finding life increasingly difficult both financially and emotionally. So, Easter became a time to bring a little joy to some of the people of Nottingham. We were absolutely EGGSTATATIC to give away a total of 65 Easter Eggs and Ben personally delivered most of these on Easter Sunday! Unfortunately we just didn’t get chance to dress him as the Easter Bunny but next year he won’t be getting away with it!

It was so nice to be able to give a couple of eggs to a lady who’d been working flat out as an ICU nurse and just hadn’t had chance to buy her children an Easter egg as all her time had been spent looking after people with this dreadful virus! The look on their faces …. priceless! Or a young family who were finding life incredibly difficult as they had only recently moved to the area just before lockdown. Whatever people’s reasoning we were overwhelmed by the happy smiling faces that greeted us every time and the messages and photos that we received! Happy Easter to one and all!

Easter Delivery 1