International Youth Day

Recognising our young people and their achivements

Happy International Youth Day! 

We want to take a moment to thank all of our young leaders and the young people that engage and come to our sessions, without you we wouldn’t have The Pythian Club. We want to celebrate your actions, voices and initiatives and the meaningful work that you have done in the community. 

Our young leaders and our up and coming youth panel are at the forefront of leading the way to new initiatives and work The Pythian Club will be doing in the community. 

The Pythian Club are also proud of those young people that have gone a step further and gained qualifications and built their skills with us, not only to help in the club but to put towards their future. 

Our young people have shown great resilience, strength, respect and kindness through these tough times. They haven’t just been great role models to other young people in the community, but to us as well. 

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We are always inspired and in awe of what our young people achieve. If you want to be a Pythian Young Leader, or might be interested in getting involved in the Youth Panel in the future, find us on Facebook, or come to one of our sessions and get involved. 

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