FOUNDER Of The Pythian Club

"My PASSION comes from the gut. My pRIDE comes from my community. My HOPE Comes From the heart"



“Once you get their trust, you begin to start moulding a young person into a leader and can give them the tools to be one.”

When you initially meet Benjamin ‘Ben’ Rosser, the first thing that you will notice is his unparalleled enthusiasm for life. There is nothing this man couldn’t put a positive spin on or turn into a valuable life lesson. Ben’s positive and optimistic attitude is infectious and after just a 2-minute meeting, you will be ready to take on the world! This confidence oozing personality and attitude is what makes Ben such a great leader and role model for the young people he takes under his wing.

In 2015 Ben started The Pythian Club to support young people in his community and give them positive initiatives and role models to follow. His aim is to prevent young people from falling into gangs and anti-social behaviour patterns and make them productive members of their community.

Troublesome teen turned distinguished police officer and then community leader, Ben knows exactly the types of issues that can plague young people in a community. Ben worked as a police officer for a decade in the Nottinghamshire Police force, his motivation to join stemmed from his feeling of being targeted unfairly by police when he was growing up and wanting to make a difference.

“I knew that there was institutionalized racism, as the MET had just been found guilty of it. I knew what I was walking into, but the thing with me – and with a lot of police officers – was that I thought I could be tactical. I wanted to try to fix it from the inside.” he told ‘LeftLion’ in an interview earlier this year.

Spending some of his time growing up in South Africa during Apartheid, Ben was no stranger to conflict and racial injustice. Being there around the time of Nelson Mandela’s release from prison and watching his stepfather fight for equal rights, Ben disclosed that it was tough living there but that it gave him a lot of strength and knowledge.

Returning to the UK he knew that he needed to make a difference, after 10 years in the force, Ben finally made the decision to leave the force and take the solution to the streets and get more proactive in tackling street violence.

“I saw young people following the wrong role models in my area and doing things that were going to get themselves not just in trouble, but hurt. In some cases, seriously or worse,” – The FA (2019)

Starting with a Friday kick about with young people from Nottingham, Ben has continued to grow The Pythian club and has reached over 3,659 young people, offering over 357 workshops, including football, boxing and music. The hard work has been recognised by being awarded the Sports Community award in 2018, National Project of the Year in 2018 and Nottingham City Homes Community Project of the Year 2019 and 2020.

Those awards aren’t just because Ben offers good workshops, but because he doesn’t give up on the young people he works with and he pushes them to achieve more. Being part of The Pythian Club doesn’t end each night when you walk out of the community centre after your boxing session. Ben takes it a step further and gets young people involved in achieving awards and training so that his impact on these young people’s lives isn’t short lived but can impact their life, helping them get jobs or go onto further education courses.

It’s clear that Ben’s mission is not even close completion, he wants to expand this on a national and international level. His pride for The Pythian Club could not be stronger and it shows in every word he speaks.





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