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The Pythian Club music programme brings in local artists and producers, as well as our trained and qualified music leaders, to engage young people in a programme of music production, technology, songwriting, performing and sound engineering, this programme also runs at the New Basford Community Centre. Through this programme, The Pythian Club members develop social interaction skills, work with people of different backgrounds who they may not otherwise encounter, to collaborate on musical projects, form friendships and enhance their self-confidence. They say music is a universal language, so we use it to bridge the gap.

As part of our music programme, NGY Studios which is based in Nottingham city centre are offering two part-time paid positions as music leaders. These music leaders will be utilized in future delivery of this plan, which will help to increase the sustainability of our music courses. We have worked closely with Youth Music, YMCA, and other musical organisations to ensure we offer the best service. 

It is vitally important that we show case our young people to a wider audience, which is why we have regularly held events and shows in the local community to display the young people’s musical talents at the club. The shows that we have hosted have been at the Nottingham Contemporary Art museum, where over 500 people attended including friends and family of the young people.

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