These sessions are completely free, and The Pythian Club is very proud to be able to delivers boxing within different areas of Nottingham. There has always been a need identified by the local communities. We base ourselves in New Basford Community Centre, many of our sessions are run here, however we also do sessions in Wollaton, Beeston and St Ann’s throughout the week. If you wish to know which session is held on what day, please see our Timetable.
We are very proud to have qualified coaches who have a history in boxing. There are two male and also two female coaches, who’s knowledge of the sport is quite expansive. Through all the expected training throughout a session (shadow boxing, pad work, bag work, boxing-specific circuit training) we provide a fun, engaging challenge.
It doesn’t just stop there however, for a long time we were not able to place boxing matches as we were not a registered club, despite our delivery and discipline being on par with other clubs. This has now changed, we now have links with major reputable clubs in Nottingham and surrounding areas to facilitate our young people into boxing fights. We held a massive event at the Motorpoint arena full of exhibitions and when there is an opportunity, we participate in interclubs (less serious matches with other boxing clubs).
If you are somebody who has an interest in taking up boxing, you can see our contact information below, or view our timetable and come in for a session.