Football is a huge part of our culture and many others, it truly can bring people together, even those who don’t speak the same language. It can create a bond between people that may have never existed. It can be a way of creating cohesion and reducing tensions between inner-city areas.
Our Football programme can go as far as you want it to go, if a one-off session or being a social member is all that is sought after, then so be it. But we have an established team in a registered team with the FA. There are four teams, a 1st team and a reserve team for both male and female (ages 13-19). Soon, there will be more for juniors under the age of 10. The team trains on Tuesday and has matches on Sundays. We also do diversionary football on Friday which is open to the community, 60 people usually turn up to this. This mostly includes disengaged young people who need support and discipline that the sport provides.
We aim to draw young people away from crime and anti-social behaviour, by providing an outlet for them, a way to release their daily frustrations with everyday life and any issues they may have in a construction manner. It is a way for young people to focus themselves.
All those who take part in our Football programme are given equal opportunities, within a safe environment to further develop themselves as people and also further develop their skills. This grants those who are more disadvantaged an opportunity to feel a sense of wellbeing and belonging, by being a part of a team of people who may have similar life experiences themselves, to have role models and potentially become one themselves.

How it Works

The Pythian Club is endorsed by the Football Association (FA) and The City of Football. These allow us to run our sessions in many areas in Nottinghamshire. We operate in different locations, but our home grounds are The Forest SportsZone 3G Pitch. We provide football boots and shin guards for those who don’t have access.