Young Leaders is The Pythian Club’s core, our heart. It has a root in everything we do, from all the activities, to the events, in some shape or form Young Leaders will have a role.

The Young Leaders program is something that has gained recognition from educational bodies and local authorities alike. But more importantly to us, it has been recognised by the community, the people we are aiming to have a positive impact on. We raise confidence in those who never had it, we create role models out of those who never had one, we are taking people without an aim and we show them the paths they can take.

A running theme in all of our activities, be it boxing, music or football is progression. It starts with just a session, a social member. But if you want to go further, you can. Many of our Young Leaders have gone on to coaching roles and leading our sessions successfully whilst continually bettering themselves.

We have a Young Leaders Academy which is run between 17:00 and 19:00 every Monday in the New Basford Community Centre. Through attending our Young Leaders can gain official certification in coaching, which is supported by Sports Nottinghamshire and Sports Coach UK.

If you combine what we can teach you with our links to official national football and boxing associations and clubs, we provide a very strong platform for young people to seek employment as a qualified coach.

Currently we are trying to do more weekly sessions for different groups within the community, which will allow for specialising within the sports. This includes specific groups for young offenders referred to us by the Youth Offending Team, these sessions run all day on Fridays.

Some of Our Projects:


In a joint partnership with Gedling Borough Council Community Outreach, The Pythian Club provided the community with the means to give feedback on what they believed could be improved and further developed within the Gedling community. This was done via a street outreach survey and was due to the increase in knife crime incidents and the increasing concerns about the proneness to be involved in anti-social, offending and criminal behaviour within Gedling.


The Pythian Club and their Young Leaders worked to put on a huge family event at the Motorpoint Arena in Nottingham. Involving live musical performances, poetry, dance groups, boxing exhibitions and community stalls. For our Young Leaders, this granted them the opportunity to take on important roles in the organisation of the event. For example, planning and managing, sound and lighting support, but also hosting VIP guests including the Lord Mayor of Nottingham.


Following the Gedling project, the Pythian Club was concerned about the increasing incidents of knife crime. According to the national statistics Nottinghamshire has seen a 20% rise in knife crimes, the highest numbers in 30 years. This led to Double Edge, a play that explores how an untruthful post on Facebook ends in a tragedy. The session uses professional performances along with interactive workshops in order to warn the audience about the consequences of knife possession, peer pressure, social media and other factors that contribute. The programme offers support and advice towards how young individuals should act if they find themselves in situations similar to those explored within the performance. It has been widely successful, showing in schools across the county, Trent Bridge, as well as coverage from the BBC. This has led to the formation of Pythian Production Ltd. In the future they hope to discuss other topics such as substance and alcohol abuse and grooming. With hope to have the same positive effect.