LBC Interview

Recognising Black History all year

At Pythian Club, we are proud of all our members and all our histories. LBC – Leading Britain’s Conversation came down to Forest Rec to hear what we had to say, and we have no better spokesperson than Ben Rosser himself. 

Ben and a few of our young people spoke to LBC about the importance of Black History for themselves and what it means for our organisation as well. With so many young people from so many different background, we make sure that everyone feels equal, respected and celebrated. 

Every year the UK celebrates Black History month in October. It is a time to celebrate and recognise the contributions that black people have made to this country over many generations. The UK celebrates nationally with exhibitions, shows, and educating our young people about the sacrifices that many made. But why restrict Black History to one month? Black History is world history, and we believe strongly that it should be taught all year round.  

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