Leading By Example

Showing us how its done

Hey Pythian Community,

Our young leaders have been doing an excellent job during this tricky time, with supporting the community. They have been leading the way in showing how young people can make an impact in their community. Young leaders in the Pythian Club have been offering help, handing out supplies and now leading football and boxing sessions and social distancing and restrictions loosen up. 

Recently many of our young leaders took part in training to help them continue to develop their skills not only to use in their role in The Pythian Club but also to take with them into future opportunities. Our young leaders have recently taken part in Bystander Training thanks to Communities Inc. As we focus on our community and the Time is Now campaign it’s vital, we have the right training to deal with different situations. This training gives our team some essential skills to safely observe, support and report issues that may arise in the community.

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Our young leaders get the opportunity to build skills that will help them in the future. We want to help young people build confidence so that they can become role models in their community. If you want to see what else our young leaders are getting up to, check it out on our social media page.

Bystander Training

Encouraging and preparing individuals to take action when they witness harassing and discriminating behavior.

Safeguarding Training

Safeguard adults and children from harm or neglect.

Fearless.org Training

Educating young people about different types of crime so that they are able to make an informed choice when they face criminality.

Time Is Now

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