The Pythian Club and National Citizens Service

Hey Pythian Community, 

Every year The Pythian Club like to team up with other youth organisations to spread the word and the message about Team Pythian. One organisation that we love to get involved with is the National Citizen Service (NCS). Ben and some of our amazing young leaders go down and meet the great young people there and get them involved in some awesome activities.

In the past we have offered dodgeball, circuit training, and boxing, all led by Pythian’s own young leaders. We want those young people to get a taste of what we do all year round at The Pythian Club, and hope that a few of those young people will join us and become young leaders too.

But those weren’t the only activities we offered. Ben taught his signature Vampire football! “What’s that?” I hear you ask! As Ben describes it, an apocalypse took over the world and turned everyone into the VAMPIRES!! Now the only way you can play football is to hide from the sun (vampires don’t like the sun) under the blood-stained sheets! This game may sound … and look crazy, but the young people loved it and it was a brilliant team building task.

vampire football 1

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