Tranai Todd, BBC EastMidlands Interview

The Pythian Club works so hard to create awareness on prevalence of knife crime among youths in UK. Knife crime is becoming a daily news. Research shows that youths engage in knife crime activities due to depression,  peer pressure and community influence. It is recorded that the number of knife crime murders in UK has risen from 649 in 2017 to 739 in 2018 according to Office for National Statistics.

The Pythian Club is conscious of knife crime because the organisation deals with youths and it is necessary that these youths understand the negative effects of such to the community.

One of our young leaders, Tranai Todd recently granted an interview where he confidently spoke about knife crime, its impact to the society and measures that should be taken to overcome the prevalence of knife crime among youths. The Pythian Club is proud of him and our young leaders. We are motivated by the level of self confidence that our young leaders exhibit.

Tranai Todd