Boxing is one of the activities that the Pythian young leaders engage in. The Pythian Club ensures that necessary coaching were provided to the young leaders. We appreciate the efforts of Jawaid Khaliq Boxing Academy and Coach Fidel in impacting the needed training and coaching to the young leaders.

The Pythian Club has supported and encouraged young leaders to contest for title championships such as the upcoming boxing contest at Derby Arena where one of our young leaders, Tranai Todd will be contesting for a title belt. This young leader has got maximum support from the Pythian Club and is excelling in his boxing career and making us proud. Tranai will be contesting on 19 October 2019 at Derby Arena and the Pythian Club will be there to support him as always.

Seeing these young leaders progress in their career has been the utmost expectation of the Pythian Club and we will always be there to inspire, encourage, coach and support them.