WE Day

WE are more than an event, they launch and promote endless actions for social change. You cannot buy a ticket, you must earn it through active citizenship. Promoting positive change in a negative world. WE Day is a very prestigious event. At The Pythian Club, we are extremely grateful and thankful that WE recognised our impact in our community and invited us down for the event.

It was a very early day for us all. Many of our young children and young leaders came out at 5am to catch the coach to Wembley, most of which had never seen Wembley prior to this day. Upon arrival we were greeted by the lovely team at WE and brought to our seats, and so the show began.

There were many speakers and acts, some were celebrities pledging their support and offering their stories as a means of inspiration. Prince Harry, the President of WE, also spoke out strongly against climate change, stating it is a Humanitarian Issue, not a Political one. More importantly though, the event is for young people to make a positive influence on the world. Thus, the many speakers that came out and bravely told their stories on stage, of the battles they have had in life. Some may believe they cannot cope with the issues in their own lives. However, speakers like Nikki Christou, Baruani Ndume, Isabelle Weall and every other brave soul speaking, allowed us to hear first-hand that through strength, unity and a positive mindset we can push through and rise triumphant in life’s trials. Even those that may seem, right now, impossible. Every speaker and everyone invited to attend has had a powerful impact in their own right, creating positivity out of negativity, globally, locally or just within themselves. WE are celebrating all of us!

WE blessed The Pythian Club with the honour of going up on stage and allowing us to speak on what we have done for our community. Two of our Young Leaders stood with Pixie Lott to spread positive change, but also to announce something huge…


The Pythian Club is ever gracious to be so welcomed by WE for the first time and be allowed the honour or taking part on stage. WE, thank you.


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